At Staplehurst School, we love reading and place it at the centre of our curriculum.  We are involved with the creative and innovative Power of Reading project, using up to date, exciting texts at the heart of our literacy learning.

We encourage the children to read for pleasure in the classroom and hope that this love of books spills into home. We have expectations that all children read at home every day, and hope that this can become a special time to share with your child. To support this, we are members of the Buster Book Club, a Kent wide initiative run by the KM Charities Group that aims to make reading cool and sets children an individual home reading target depending on their year group. Children are then set a series of challenges throughout the year – these include inter-class and inter-school events, all of which culminate with an annual record attempt.

Staplehurst School

“The more we expect of ourselves, and one another, the more we can achieve”

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