At Staplehurst School, we believe that reading is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to develop a passion for reading that lasts a life time. To develop reading skills of competency and depth, we are implementing a multi-layered reading approach that builds fluency and accuracy that can be applied to access extended texts. These skills are then used within close reading sessions whereby children are involved in purposeful analysis of a text, through rich discussion.

Reading texts, chosen by teachers, reflect a wide range of genres, cultures and subject matter. We are involved in the creative and innovative Power of Reading project, using up to date, exciting texts at the heart of our literacy learning.

Reading for pleasure is nurtured and celebrated and we carefully offer texts to support this within our classrooms. Children learn best when home and school work together and so parents are encouraged to hear their children read regularly at home.

Listed below are the key books that a teacher survey identified for children to read in each stage of their learning journey at primary school:

BooksForTopics: Best Books by Year Group

100 Books to Read in KS1

100 Books to Read in Years 3 and 4

100 Books to Read in Years 5 and 6

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