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Saturday, 26 October 2019 14:44

Term 1 Governor News

My name is Caroline Bay and I have been one of the Governors here at Staplehurst School for a year now. I am currently taking on the Link Governor role of SEN, and I am really looking forward to working with Mrs French and the strong team that provide this care at the school now.

We moved to Staplehurst village nearly 6 years ago, and between family members have become involved in many of the plethora of different clubs and societies the village has to offer, alongside school life. I have a son currently in year 2, and two older children who have been at Staplehurst during their Primary School years, and are continuing their education now at Cranbrook School. The eldest sits his GCSE's this summer, I can't tell you how quickly that seems to have come around! It hits home to me how important the formative primary school years are to our children.

We have seen some significant changes just in the short time I have been a part of the governors. I am so pleased with how fast and how far forward we are moving! Academic achievement is striding forward, with ever rising targets. Mathematics and Literacy play such an important role in primary education, and it is very clear how important these subjects are here. But a rounded education is important too, where all children get to shine at something. We have witnessed sporting prowess in a wider range of different sports than ever before this last year. The choir have sung in more different venues than ever before. I am sure there is much more I am less aware of. The new playground for the early years is an amazing asset that the children are clearly loving and benefiting from. The new fencing, electronic gates and lockdown system now available within the school improves appearances in line with other schools around and indeed makes it a safer, more secure place for our children. And on a related note, what a fantastic effort from everyone to improve the parking around the school entrance to make it safer for all to walk in. It's a very short time for everyone to get in so I for one appreciate the effort, and the difference that it has made.

The school are working very hard at deepening relationships between parents. I had the pleasure of attending the new Parent Forum recently. I for one am very proud of the positive energy that I hear and see for people to get involved and help in their children's learning, and seeking knowledge of how to achieve this better. For example, it was clear that for new parents understanding the house and PRIDE point system was not so clear, so those were explained that week in the newsletter for all to read. I have also to taken part in some of the Friday morning Parents in to Read sessions. These are a great opportunity to see some of the work the children are involved in, what they are aiming to achieve over the year, as well as obviously spending some time with your own or indeed other people's children (maybe of those parents who are unable to make it in) reading. Obviously parent's ability to participate in such events is very different, but all children benefit from the experience with those who are able to. Miss O'Brien's table on Wellbeing was also such an asset to realise is in school for all to use too!

I hope you share my pride and enthusiasm in watching and helping this school continue forward. We welcome the next Ofsted and a grading that reflects the work that goes on here now.

Caroline Bay
Co-opted Governor

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