Staplehurst School Governing Body

Together with the Headteacher, the Governing Body has overall responsibility for the running of the school. The Governing Body has a largely strategic role, providing advice and support whilst delegating day-to-day management to the Headteacher and her Senior Leadership Team.

Our Governing Body is made up of 12 representatives from the local community, parents and school staff who are appointed on a voluntary basis and meet up to six times per year.

As well as sitting on the Governing Body, Governors are asked to join at least one of the committees. The Learning & Development Committee reviews pupils’ performance and looks at the Curriculum and the way it is taught whilst the Finance & Premises Committee monitors the school’s finances as well as discussing any matters relating to premises and staff. Minutes of the Governing Body meetings are a matter of public record and are held in the school office for parents/carers to view upon request.

We also ask Governors to link themselves to one of the school's priorities, as set out in the School Improvement Plan, or another important aspect of school life as part of their monitoring responsibilities - for example, our Finance ‘Link Governor’ will meet up with the Business Manager on a regular basis whilst our Safeguarding ‘Link Governor’ will meet up with our Assistant Head for Inclusion.

Governance Statement

List of Governors

Including Meeting attendance record 

Name and type of Governor Date of appointment / re-appointment Meeting attendance for the 2018-19 academic year 
Ex-officio Staff Governor

Lucy Davenport 

n/a 2/2 2/2 2/2
Staff Governor appointed by Staff Electorate
Daniella O'Brien 20.07.2018 3/4  n/a 2/2
Parent Governors appointed by Parent Electorate
Caroline Bennett
Vice-Chair of FGB
 28.02.2020 4/4 n/a 3/3
Matthew Astbury 21.05.2018 3/4 3/4 n/a
Co-opted Governors appointed by Governing Body

Seán Clark
Chair of F&P

09.03.2020 3/4 4/4 n/a
Declared interest: Wife is Administration Officer, SIMs & Communication at the school.
Caroline Bay
17.07.2018 4/4 n/a 3/3
Sarah Blackmore 16.07.2019 n/a n/a n/a
Christopher Gooch 21.05.2018 3/4 4/4 3/4
Mary Henley 16.09.2018 2/4 n/a 4/4
Declared interest: Son is a Director of Zulogic Ltd – a supplier to the school.
Rev. Silke Tetzlaff 17.07.2018 1/4 2/3 n/a
Local Authority Governor appointed by Local Authority
Chris Roome
Chair of FGB, Chair of L&D
30.03.2020 3/4 n/a 4/4
Declared interest: Associate Governor at Abbey Court School.


Former Governors (2018)
Fran Zimber 31.08.2018 - 23.05.2020
Stephen Harmer
Co-opted Governor
27.09.2017 - 05.12.2018
Rob Hartley
Co-opted Governor
16.09.2014 - 15.09.2018
Caroline Downey
Parent Governor
Community Governor
Co-opted Governor

07.07.2010 - 20.05.2014
21.05.2014 - 30.08.2014
31.08.2014 - 30.08.2018

Victoria Laslett
Co-opted Governor
Staff Governor
16.09.2014 - 24.05.2017
25.05.2017 - 19.07.2018
Paul Turpin
Parent Governor
Co-opted Governor
21.06.2011 - 30.08.2014
31.08.2014 - 16.04.2018
Denize Jackson
Co-opted Governor
20.01.2016 - 26.03.2018

 All Governors have a term of office of four years.

Governors who are unable to attend meetings due to prior commitments/unforeseen circumstances are still able to review all relevant documentation and provide written input. Attendance at FGB and Committee meetings is just one aspect of Governors’ time commitment; they also come into school for monitoring sessions, meetings with staff members and pupil-led celebrations, as well as attending external training.

  • FGB = Full Governing Body
  • L&D = Learning & Development Committee
  • F&P = Finance & Premises Committee

Joining the Governing Body

If you are interested in becoming a Governor please contact the school on 01580 891765 (term time only) or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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