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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Information Booklet 2016-17

What should I do if my child arrives at school after the second bell has been rung?

A: Please bring your child to reception and sign them in using the blue late book. If you know in advance that your child is going to be late, please ring the office on 01580 891765 and leave a message. You need to let the office know by 9:30am if your child would like a school dinner.


What should I do if my child will be off sick from school?

A: Please call the office and leave a message before 8:30am, leaving your name, the name and class of your child and what is wrong with them. Please note that children should not come back to school if they are still poorly.


What should I do if my child is off school on a Friday and does not receive their homework?

A: Please ask for their homework to be sent home with a sibling or friend.  Alternatively, homework should be available through the Classes area of our website, within the relevant year group button.


What happens if I have paid for a school dinner and my child is off sick?

A: The money remains as a credit on their account.


Do I need to notify the school if my child is suffering from a contagious illness?

A: Please check the Health Protection Agency’s website: to see which illnesses the school needs to be advised of. If in doubt, check with the school office. 


What should I do if my child needs medication during school hours?

A: All medicines must be handed in to the office. If your child is unable to take the medicine themselves you will need to come in and administer it for them. All medicines must be in a measured dose, clearly labelled with your child’s name, class and when they need to take it. Please refer to our Medicines in School Policy for full details. 


Should I keep my child off school if they have head lice?

A: No, but please inform the office in confidence so that we can send out a generic letter to their class/Maths group advising parents to be vigilant.


What should I do if my child needs time off school to attend a medical appointment?

A: Please try to book non-emergency appointments outside school hours to avoid disruption to the class. If this is not possible, let the office know when the appointment is. On the day of the appointment, collect your child from reception and sign them out. Make sure you sign them back in on their return to school.


What should I do if my child is being picked up from school by someone else?

A: All parents/carers are asked to complete a School Pick Up form each year, detailing who may be allowed to collect your child from school. And changes to this must be notified to the class teacher or the school office. Children in Years 5 and 6 may walk home but only with parental permission.


What do I do if I want to pick up my child early from school?

A: Please give as much notice as possible, preferably in writing via the office. In order to minimise disruption to the class, we ask that you only do this when it is absolutely necessary.


What should I do if I want to speak to my child’s class teacher?

A: Please put a note in their contact book. If it is urgent, make an appointment via the school office.


What should I do if I want to take my child out of school in term time?

A: Leave of absence in term time will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Please refer to the Attendance Policy for full details. Leave of Absence Request Forms are available in reception.  

The Importance of Attendance leaflet


When should my child wear summer/winter uniform?

A: Generally, children wear summer uniform from Easter to October half-term.  Winter uniform is worn after the October half-term holiday through to the beginning of the Easter holidays. These dates are weather-dependant and at the Headteacher’s discretion. Parents are reminded of the change from summer to winter uniform and vice versa via the school newsletter. More details of winter and summer uniforms can be found on our Uniform page.


What should I do if my child has not completed their homework in time?

A: Please put a note in your child’s contact book with an explanation as to why.


How can I become a parent helper in school?

A: Please put a note in your child’s contact book. All parent helpers are required to undergo a full Kent County Council DBS check before they can start. DBSs issued for non-KCC organisations such as Cubs, Scouts, etc. are not valid.


How can I pay for school dinners online?

A: Please ask for login details via the school office. You will find more details about school dinners on our Lunchtime page.


Can I pay for school trips online?

A: Yes, we are now able to process payments for school trips online in the same way as school dinner payments can be made, if you need a login please contact the school office. When you pay for trips, please complete the permission slip given to your child and ask them to hand it in to their teacher in a sealed envelope with their name and class clearly marked on the front. We can also accept payment by cheque (made payable to Staplehurst School). Click here for details of our Charging Policy


What should I do if I want to make a complaint?

A: Please refer to our Complaints Procedure.