Our Staff

We feel very fortunate to have built an established team of staff that are hardworking, professional and committed, as well as innovative and multi-talented, which is essential in a primary school environment. 

Our staff consists of:

The Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Stevenson, Acting Headteacher

Teaching Staff

Early Years
Miss S Decker, Assistant Head
Mrs S Golding

Year 1
Miss A Reid
Mrs J Seymour
Mrs L Slow

Year 2
Miss D O’Brien, Inclusion Co-Lead
Mrs S Kitney
Mrs K Staines

Year 3
Mr C Glazier, Assistant Head Yr 2&3
Mr J Tate

Year 4
Miss B Hayward
Mrs S Seymour

Year 5
Miss L Cook
Mr D Littleton

Year 6
Mrs L Collins, Assistant Head Yr 4,5&6
Miss D Wright

Specialist Teachers
Mrs P Seal

Teaching Assistants

Mr B Amos
Miss S Apps
Mrs J Batten
Mrs L Best
Mrs A Burchell
Mrs R Craig
Miss E Harris
Mrs D Harrison
Mrs C Letchford
Mrs K Lindsay, HLTA
Miss A Nelson
Mrs G Phillips
Miss E Randall
Miss L Underdown, HLTA
Mrs S Watts, HLTA

Admin Staff

Mrs F Zimber, Business Manager
Mrs S Clark
Mrs R Cooper
Mrs S Monk

Inclusion Team

Mrs V French, Assistant Head, Inclusion
Mrs B Sullivan, Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Baker
Mrs Booth
Mrs Burgess
Mrs Douglas
Mrs Howes
Mrs Leppard
Mrs Prior (Cramp)
Mrs Ralph
Miss Skinner
Mrs Stevens
Mrs Terry

Site Manager

Mr M Piper



Staplehurst School

“The more we expect of ourselves, and one another, the more we can achieve”

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