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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 15:31

Letter from the Vice-Chair of Governors

19 December 2018

End-of-Term Letter from Caroline Bennett – Parent Governor & Vice-Chair of Governing Body

Dear Parents/Carers

When I joined the governing body in 2016, I took part in lots of training about the roles and responsibilities of governors; as someone who hadn’t worked in education, it was very useful but often filled with jargon and technical language, in particular with regard to what the school’s legal responsibilities are.

But what do we, as parents and carers of children, expect of any school?

Perhaps the most basic assumption is that, when we send our children to school, not only will they learn, but they will also be safe. Physical and emotional safety are essential to enable children to feel secure which, in turn, helps them to learn and develop good relationships with their teachers and classmates.

Safeguarding is as important as teaching within a school. Our school has many policies which promote the safety of its children and staff and it is my responsibility, as safeguarding link governor, to make sure that those policies are effective and have impact when they are used.

For example, the governing body and school take their responsibilities regarding physical safety seriously. Work to secure the boundary and school premises, which had been raised as a concern of many parents, has been taking place over the last few months and is nearly complete.

We are also fortunate to have had Mrs French, our Assistant Head for Inclusion, and Mrs Sullivan, our Family Liaison Officer, join us this year. I have no doubt that some of you will have already felt the impact of their work. This work continues, day in, day out for any children and parents who need it.

And you as parents can also contribute to the safeguarding of all children in school – by simply sending them to school and ensuring they have access to regular education, by helping promote the school’s policies regarding online safety, and by dropping off and collecting your children safely from the school site.

As we reach the end of this busy Christmas term, I think about how much we value the safety of our family and friends at this time of year. On behalf of the governing body I would like to extend our thanks to all of the staff at Staplehurst who make our school so special, our children who work so hard and to you as parents for continuing to support the school and entrust your children into its care.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Caroline Bennett

Vice-Chair of Governors

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