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Thursday, 18 October 2018 16:05

Letter from the Chair of Governors

Dear Parent/Carer

Being a Governor at Staplehurst School is challenging, interesting, rewarding and occasionally frustrating.

After living in the village for over 40 years I find myself Chair of the Governing Body for this current academic year. This is the school my own two children attended, and when I retired from my full time work a few years ago I answered an appeal in the Parish Magazine for new governors and joined up.

As I have mentioned in my termly letters to parents and carers, 2018 has been a challenging year for the school. We have operated at below full staffing strength since January, with Mrs Stevenson doing an amazing job as our Acting Headteacher, and other staff stepping up to take on new challenges and roles within the school, and always, always putting the best interests of the children first. Mrs Victoria Laslett covered for two terms the role of Inclusion Manager, and we are delighted that Mrs French joined us in September to take on the demanding role of Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion.

The Governors, all volunteers, who give freely of their time and energy, are very proud of how well the school performed during 2018, a year which saw us once again inspected by OFSTED which led to a report that was fair and balanced, and recognised the hard work going on in the school to ensure that it continues to improve. We look forward to the arrival of Miss Davenport in February - when we will be at full strength at last - and we expect the clear improvements we are seeing to continue and gather momentum.

We are aware that there are always tensions and issues which arise from the activities of our school, as they do in every school, but as Governors we do work hard to listen to concerns, address them if we can and strive to find solutions.

We are aware, for example, of the congestion and stress that can be experienced during the potentially dangerous mixture of traffic with children and parents exiting from our site into Gybbon Rise at the end of the school day. We are trying to find some partial solutions, but we know that we depend on the good sense, good will and patience of you all to ensure that the safety of our pupils is an absolute priority.

On behalf of the Governing Body I wish you all a relaxed(!) and happy break, and I and my fellow governors look forward to the year ahead working hard to make Staplehurst the very best school it can be.

Best wishes

Chris Roome - Chair of Governors

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